Empty the inbox of your email

To briefly explain why we want to empty the inbox and methods to quickly archive
hundreds or thousands emails if your already accumulated.


Just google Empty email inbox, you will find lots of articles talk about why
you want to do it. In short, you needs empty inbox by archiving emails for

  • Organization
    • get rid of junk
    • unsubscribe from emails you do not want
  • Feeling in control
  • Not missing important email
  • Efficiency
    • Force to make decision when receiving new email

To those who are new to Archive, you will not lose any email by archiving it.
Archived emails can always be found in All mails.

HOW - for gmail users.


In gmail, setup following configs

  • [All settings] -> [General]: Maximum page size: 100
  • [All settings] -> [General]: Keyboard shortcuts: ON

Now, you can archive emails from your inbox with shortcut.

  • * + a to select all emails.
  • e to archive selected emails.

Repeated above steps until your inbox is empty.

Automation with Apple Script

If you have couple thousands of email, the manual procedures will be quite annoying.
We can automate that with Apple Script if you are using MacOS.

  • Open MacOS embedded application Automator
  • Click New Document
  • Select Quick Action as type of new document
  • Click Choose
  • Change Workflow receives current to no input
  • Click Record
  • Open gmail in your browser and repeat steps in above section to archive 100 emails
  • Click STOP button in Automator‘s popup
  • Modify script to repeat the recorded operations

Please check this video, for details.